Stay abroad and internship

Study abroad at Beijing University of Technology
The third-year period of study abroad at Beijing University of Technology (Běijīng Gōngyè Dàxué) begins in February. All participating students are enrolled in teaching classes based on their language abilities. These abilities are assessed through a test at the beginning of the programme. Classes consist of groups of foreign students and are conducted in Chinese.

BUT is situated in the southeast part of Beijing. It is a municipal university, on a campus that covers 67 hectares, with office buildings, lecture halls, a library, a theatre, sports facilities including a swimming pool and athletics course, a computer centre, kiosks, cash withdrawal machines, a post office, restaurants, a cycle repair shop, as clinic, and student dormitories. The university campus is a city of its own, and for daily necessities you don't even have to leave the campus. However, the international students' accommodation, the International Exchange Center, is not on this campus and has to be accessed by crossing a bridge over the Xiwangdalu thoroughfare. Close to the campus there is a bus stop – from here a bus will take you to the city in about 25 minutes. All basic amenities, including supermarkets, are available on campus or very close to it.

On arrival in Beijing, you will find that accommodation has been taken care of, in the Foreign Students Dormitory. This special flat for foreign students has excellent facilities and is adjacent to the BUT campus. Each floor has about 10 furnished rooms for 2 students, with television and telephone.

All rooms have air conditioning and each floor has shared showers and toilets (both Western seat-type and Chinese squat-type), kitchens with cooking ranges and fridges. A number of more expensive rooms have their own toilets and showers. When registering, you can indicate whether you would like to share a room with a friend or with an unknown student. Chances are your unknown roommate will be an international student whose proficiency in English is limited, and this could well benefit your Chinese speaking skills! You can also indicate your preferences concerning a room with or without a shower. On the ground floor of the building, there is a common room with washing machines and dryers, and a computer room. There is also a fitness room and a karaoke room.

The rent for your accommodation will have to be paid on arrival in Beijing, that is the full amount for the period of your stay, together with the tuition fee. The amount due is in Renminbi, the Chinese currency. Apart from rent and tuition, there will be costs for books. All in all, however, studying in China is less expensive than studying in the Netherlands.

The fourth-year internship will prepare you for the job market by giving you practical, hands-on experience in a company or institution where you can apply the knowledge and skills that you gained in the course of the previous years at school. There are options to spend time in the Netherlands, in other European countries, or in China. The internship is a 13-week period to give you the experience that you need.

An example of an internship would be an organization that has commercial, cultural or institutional contacts with a Chinese-speaking country. Branches or subsidiaries of Chinese companies in the Netherlands could also be potential candidates for an internship. As an intern, you could play a role in internal and external communication, account management, translation and interpreting, consultancy, research, administration, public relations and organization. In principle, you are responsible for your own internship and are expected to find a place yourself, but the school's internship supervisor will help you find a suitable place and also assist you in handling all formalities.

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