Applying for the programme is only possible through Studielink and its website http://hszuyd.studielink.nl. Please go to Studielink and choose the option 'gebruikersnaam en wachtwoord aanvragen' (user name and password). You will get an e-mail with your password, which enables you to log in and fill in your personal details. After the Studielink application has been processed, you will be notified by Zuyd Hogeschool that you can take the next step.

Candidates with a foreign diploma have to send a certified copy of it to DUO. If he of she fails to do that, his enrolment will be taken out of the decentralized selection procedure. Please note that our programme is taught in English, so a native speaker level of Dutch is required.

Admission requirements
When enrolling, the following entry requirements apply:
Students with a Dutch havo or vwo diploma are eligible. All four ‘profiles’ are acceptable, as long as they include both Dutch and English.
Students with a Dutch mbo diploma, level 4, are eligible.

Foreign (non-Dutch) diplomas
In many cases, students with an equivalent foreign (i.e. non-Dutch) diploma can apply. If you would like to enroll as a student with a foreign diploma, you should submit a written request asking the school to assess your foreign diploma. If your diploma is considered to be equivalent, your command of Dutch and English should be comparable to that of Dutch havo. Applicants can be asked by the school’s examination committee to take an admission test of Dutch and /or English.

21+ test
If you do not meet the admission requirements, but you are over 21 of age (or will be, at the beginning of the new academic year), you are eligible for the 21+ examination. This test has two parts: The first part consists of a test of general knowledge and skills. It is administered and assessed by an external organization. It is not a test that you can study for. The test can be taken at any given moment during the academic year, by appointment with the organisation. The costs are c. € 100,-. Only if you pass this first part can you participate in the second round, which is a test of your Dutch and English language skills. In this second round, you are also required to have an interview with the faculty staff, which is a test of your motivation. This second part takes place in the month of June, in Maastricht, and is free of costs

Test results are binding. If you pass both rounds, you can be admitted as a student. If you fail, you cannot.

In order to apply for the 21+ examination, please follow the standard registration procedure through Studielink. On reception of your registration, we will send you the information you need for the first part of the 21+ exam. You are expected to contact the organization that administers the exam yourself. After passing the first part of the exam, you can send the certificate of passing the first round to the school’s Bureau Onderwijs, but no later than mid March. You will then be placed in the second round of exams.